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Where is all started for Hoogvliet 40 years ago, Heerema Zwijndrecht BV (Grootint BV back then) is no closing his doors.

An incredible achievement by Elia, Heerema and al its subcontractors to complete this complex project within time.
We can proudly say we delivered and installed the complete Architectural scope.

  • Deck and walkway protection (woodwork on all the decks)
  • Insulation
  • Heavy duty internal and external doors
  • Internal sandwich panel firewalls finished with 1mm stainless steel
  • External sandwichpanel firewalls
  • Windows
  • Floorfinishes
  • Furniture, kitchen, showers and incinerating toilets
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Full DNV certification

We also provided Projectmanagement, engineering, drawings and QA/QC







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